Google is rolling out a new update for the YouTube Kids apps with some new features and enhancements. YouTube is constantly getting new features on the mainstream app, enabling it to gain more and more audience. Well, today’s, YouTube Kids app will allow users to use new content level setting. Currently, the new content level feature is only available in the US on Android devices.

youtube kids update

Talking in details, after a wait of few months, Google has finally rolled out the new content level feature that they were readying from past few months. The new feature allows parents more access to the content that their children are watching.

YouTube Kids update features

In a bid to remove the hassle of turning on filters everywhere on YouTube Kids, Google has introduced content level feature consisting three different filtering levels. Namingly – there’s a ‘Younger’, ‘Older’ and ‘Approved content only’ option. The ‘Younger’ is the default setting for the children under the age of 8 years. The next level is ‘Older’, particularly, for the 8-12 age group. In ‘Approved content only’ users will be able to watch only the content that is marked as approved by the guardian. There are few improvements and fixes that are attached with the new update.

Users can change the levels by heading to the settings menu of the YouTube Kids app. The update is rolling out from Google, but few tweaks is done by Google via a server-side switch. Users can check for the YouTube update by heading to the Play Store.


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