Google already has their standalone Music platform known as the Google Play Music but still according to their stats a lot of users come to YouTube just for listening to music. YouTube is a universe of media but it also has some drawbacks like we can’t just play the track, the video will play automatically and a lot more. To resolve out all those problems Google is coming with an all-new music service known as the YouTube Music. So let’s check out some in-depth information about it.

A lot of rumors and talks were going on about this new service and finally, Google has revealed the release date of this new service i-e 22nd May. The app will be available for free but it does have a paid plan which offers additional features, probably the background playback will be one of them. This new service offers a ton of music from several artists. YouTube Music will also enable users to find the specific tracks they are looking for without even knowing the name or album.

You can simply type the lyrics you remember and it will search the melody for you. The paid service of YouTube Music will cost $9.99 to a new user and if a person has YouTube Red or Google Play Music membership then he can experience it without paying any extra charges. This price is almost double of what Spotify charges and we are curious to know that how YouTube will justify the price. Similar to standard YouTube app it will adapt and will display personalized Music recommendations.

If you are wondering about using the free YouTube Music app then you must be aware of the fact that it offers advertisements and for eliminating them one has to pay the price. We are yet to see that what exclusive features it packs over the standard Google Play Music app. For more detailed information we have to wait for the official release which will gonna take place on 22nd May till then stay tuned to GoAndroid for more updates.


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