YouTube Reels debuts with ability to put videos as like Stories in Snapchat


YouTube has added one more feature to the wardrobe of its Content creators. The new feature is YouTube Reels which is a replica of Snapchat Stories feature but with some changes and more dynamic approach. The popularity of stories feature on Snapchat and later on Instagram has led to introduction of it on YouTube.

YouTube Reels

YouTube is describing Reels as approach to make the connection between creators and fans much better.

Talking about the YouTube Reels, it is a Stories like feature which allows users to post small videos clips. YouTube allows the Story to be live for any time period, there’s no time limit of 24 hours as like in the case of stories. The Creators can pin those clips and later can arrange them in folders. Talking an example, a YouTuber can create a post video Reels to a folder from an all-day event.

YouTube Reels are visible to every follower and they can view the Story anytime after publishing. YouTube Reels are accessible anytime until or unless the Creator has not deleted it or made it private.

The YouTube Reels feature is now available for all Creators who have more than 10000 subscribers. It is done to end the Creator’s trend to move to Snapchat or Instagram to post daily things. We hope the feature will see resistance on YouTube.


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