YouTube skip video fix

Google has a list of essential platforms for which they provide regular updates. One such platform is YouTube, it is undoubtedly the best Video platform available. If you are an efficient user of YouTube then you may have noticed that recently an update with the version 13.27 has been rolled out. The update brings some cool new features and on the other hand, it brings some bug fixes as well. However, as per a general user, some serious issues are also arrived with the fresh update, so let’s check out more about it.

As experienced by a lot of users including us YouTube has a small but disturbing bug arrived after the installation of the update. Generally, to skip the video forward or backward we tap at the desired place on the progress bar and the video skips forward/backward. After the update, this tapping gesture is not working which for a lot of users is annoying and stressful. In case you guys don’t know you can still forward/backward the video by holding the red play icon on the progress bar.

One can hold it and can take the point to left or right as per requirements. Along with Android devices, this bug is also being faced by the iOS users. YouTube through their official Twitter handle has apologised that they are aware of the bug and it will soon be fixed in the upcoming update. For now, you can try installing the old version of YouTube or you can wait for the upcoming update from the house of Google. For more Android updates stay tuned to GoAndroid.


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