ZDbox app toolbox can control everything on your Android

Ever want to know a little more information about different tasks on your Android than what comes ‘out-of-the-box’? That’s the way XDA member iKaola feels about it too, and so we have an app for Android called ZDbox, which essentially is a toolbox for your device which will give you deeper information on things like battery levels, whats left, Traffic data (used, remaining on data plan, data used by each app), as well as the following features;

Do not Disturb——
Set a time range to keep phone silent or offline automatically.
★silent mode
★airplane mode
App Lock——
Lock apps relate to personal privacy (apps like Gmail,messaging,etc)
★Really useful and interesting. Have a try?
Task Killer——
The faster the better!
★kill all running apps
★kill selected apps
★show the number of running apps and free memory
App Manager——
Internal phone storage want more free space!
★Batch Move
★Batch Uninstall

If you want to check it out, head over to XDA-Developers link below and download the .apk. Also, if you experience any issues with it on your device, please report it on the same thread.


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