225 Mbps LTE To Lit Up In Korea


SK Telecom, a Korean network carrier is ready to launch 225 Mbps LTE network Korea. As according to the company they will introduce this lighting fast 4G LTE in Korea by the end of this year. It will be the first time that Koreans will have access to this thunder speed on a Mobile Network.


As of now the limit on Current LTE-A networks are 150Mbps, but the new technology SK Telecom will be introducing doubles that to download speeds we can only dream of in western markets. This speed is said to be made possible by using two different bands.

In the US the fastest some users have seen is of AT&T, which can hit around 50-60Mbps download on their 4G LTE network. In India, we guys have seen 65 Mbps download from Airtel.

Its lighting fast if we compare the SK Telecom’s upcoming 225 Mbps LTE with the above mentioned ones.

So guys technology is progressing day by day and everyday we see new things developed and one’s got buried.

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