About 60,000 Redmi 1s Units to Arrive in India6


Now after Xiaomi decided to debut in India, they have been dominating the smartphone sales. First the Mi3, and now the Redmi 1s. The device has been a great success at the sales. The previously shipped units sold out in about a few seconds.


And the demand is not finished yet. So the company as obvious is shipping about 60,000 more Xiaomi Redmi 1S units. But 60,000 units would be sold out in a matter of seconds too. The process goes the same as it had gone the last time. To be eligible to have a chance to get to buy the Redmi 1s, you need to register until September 23 and you are only allowed to register once.

Xiaomi suggests that you should be logged in before 2-3 hours before the sale finally hits the floor, in order to have a better chance to get the Redmi 1s in your cart. The device is priced atĀ INR 5,999 which is too cheap considering the hardware it has to offer. So all in all, it has been a good choce for Xiaomi to hit India, sales records suggest.


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