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Action Launcher 3 launcher has received a new December update with many new changes. Action launcher 3 is already much popular, I think you don’t need any Introduction.

google android

The update has got new features and enhancements, etc. They have made Quickpage premium feature available for normal users, and is no longer a premium-only feature. Also, it will allow you to backup your homepage setup on cloud.

  • NEW: Unread badge support (‘Alpha’): currently displays the number of unread SMS, messages, missed calls, unread Gmail/Inbox messages and upcoming calendar appointments.
  • NEW: Fully customize the appearance of unread badges.
  • NEW: A new “Round (exclude white plates)” icon style. Use Android 7.1’s round icons, but only if they do not look like an “icon on a plate”!
  • NEW: Quickpage, a fully customizable home screen panel accessible from the right screen edge, is no longer a Plus only feature and is available for all users.
  • NEW: Quicktheme support for customizing dock separator color.
  • NEW: Move all dock related settings to their own group in the settings.
  • NEW: Line style dock separator.
  • NEW: Can use up to five scrolling dock pages.
  • NEW: Option for infinite home screen scrolling.
  • NEW: Layout/settings are backed up via Android’s automatic daily backups (requires Android 6.0 or later).
  • NEW: Add 2017 Supporter Badge. It is a one-off, non-recurring and entirely optional in-app purchase that customers can opt make.


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