AirDroid Brings Photos Backup on Local Network in Latest Update


AirDroid, a popular app to sync up your mobile device with your PC or laptop or vice versa. It can bring your messages to PC and you can even reply them from your big screen machine without opening your device.

airdroid photos backup

Today, AirDroid has received the update which has brought a major feature of automatic Photos Backup on Local Network. This service is much similar to that of Dropbox and Google Photos but this time the photos are gettings backed up on your local PC. There’s no role of cloud in the AirDroid service of Photos Backup. The photos automatically gets synced to the computer whenever you establish local network between both of the devices.

The backup function is new in version 3.2.1 of the Android app and 3.3.1 of the desktop client. So before testing this new feature just take have a look at the versions of both the devices.

For more information and latest download you can hot the source link below.

Source: AirDroid



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