Alto’s Adventure Game is here on Play Store


Finally, Alto’s Adventure is made available  for Android and is downloadable from the Play Store. Alto’s Adventure is a gorgeous and addictive endless game that enables you to ride your snowboard for as long as you want.

Alto's Adventure

Gamplay consists of LLamas who get frisked from your village and you have to bring them back. As you board down the mountain, you collect llamas and coins for points. These points can be turned in at the local trader for “cool” items.

The game has 60 levels, with three achievements per level. Completing these achievements is what will keep you hooked to the game.

Alto’s Adventure is currently made available for free from Play Store but it is available from $2.99 on iOS.

So we don’t know whether this is any introductory offer or it’s permanently made available for free on Play Store.


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