Amazon has denied the rumors about Amazon is working on a free Smartphone. While Jessica E. Lessin rumored it with details of the Device not being set with any carrier contract.


In a statement released on the Wall Street Journal an unknown Spokesman wrote and denied the rumors about Amazon being working on a free Smart Phone. While writing –

“We have no plans to offer a phone this year. If we were to launch a phone in the future, it would not be free.”

Well a statement like this is not very common when talking about Amazon while taking history in consideration. Which makes us suspect that either the Truth was close to the release or Amazon want to surprise its customers with a denial and then a big boom with the Free Device.

While what we think is that Amazon will not really sell the device for free but will be selling with a carrier contract which is not really uncommon. But still nothing is confirmed. So just stay tuned for more.



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