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Google has first released their Google Pixel and Pixel XL handset back in 2016. Since launch, Google has released multiple updates for the device so that it can keep up with the dynamic tech world. A new matter just came into the highlight and it is the issue that Pixel XL update brings to the device. In the issue, the device tries to intake more current than the required value. This issue is not faced by every user, let’s check out some in-depth facts about it.

As per (AndroidPolice) this issue has been brought by the all-new Android 8.1 Oreo update which has been released recently. An anonymous person has reported that his Pixel XL often connects and disconnects from charging after installing the latest update. In case you don’t know this disconnection is a result of the uneven transfer of current in the device. The stock Pixel charger comes with overcurrent protection due to which it disconnects the device from the source.

Due to this affect the device is actually granting 25W(9V/2.8A) instead of 18W(9V/2A) regular charge. Not every Google Pixel owner is facing the issue, maybe it has affected some units. Here the case didn’t go in the wrong direction because the original Google charger has been used each time. But with a third party cheap adapter, the scene can be different and dangerous.

The user has already reported this bug to the Google issue tracker but more than 2 months have been passed and the user is still waiting for the answer. Generally, updates are there to refine but sometimes like in the case of Google Pixel XL they can be dangerous. If you are facing the same problem then don’t even try to charge your device with a third party charger as it might damage the phone.


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