Android Distribution chart for November shows Oreo at 0.3%


It is when we see Android distribution numbers each month that we face the harsh fact of the Android ecosystem. Of course, we’re talking about Android fragmentation. And this isn’t a talk for just some months. It has been like this forever. It remains to be seen what Project Treble will do alleviate this fragmentation. But for now, fast OS updates remain a distant pipe dream for a majority of Android users.

Speaking of latest OS, Android Oreo just appeared on the chart last month with a huge share of 0.2%. The encouraging thing is that this month that number has increased to 0.3%. Isn’t that great?

Obviously, this number includes the few Pixel and Nexus devices running the new version and of course Sony’s devices (some people are still buying them). The Xperia XZ1, for example, ships with the latest OS.

However, not all hope is lost as Nougat continues to rise with 20.6% combined share of all versions. That is a rise of around 2% from 17.8$% in October. Marshmallow will see it’s share shrink from here on but still remain the dominant shareholder at 30.9%. While Lollipop holds 27.2% of the Android pie as of now.


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