Android market share

Accodring to the Q3 2016 stats Android’ Global Market share has increased from 84% to 88% since last year. Meanwhile, Apple’s iOS growth has declined slightly in this Quarter i.e. 12.1% which is down from the 13.6 percent market share it had in Q3 last year.

Android market share

“Android’s gain came at the expense of every major rival platform, Apple iOS lost ground to Android and dipped to 12 percent share worldwide in Q3 2016, due to a lackluster performance in China and Africa.”  said Neil Mawston, Executive Director at Strategy Analytics.

At the moment Android is way ahead of Apple and others because of its low-cost services and Devices that attract the consumers worldwide. On the other hand, Apple’s iOS is not Open Source and they only offer its operating system to only its own devices which are priced very high.

There is one more thing in the current growth of Android is that Google has now made its own PiXel phones which will provide the pure Android experience to the consumers.


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