Gone are the days when Motorola used to roll out system updates quick enough, sometimes even before the Nexuses (security patches). But, at least they are providing updates which some brands don’t even think about it. That’s apart, earlier today Motorola announced that they have started rolling out the Android Oreo update to the Moto X4 and more devices will get it in the coming months.

The Android Oreo update for the Moto X4 weighs around 1.1GB and brings some other improvements along with what Android Oreo has to offer. According to the official changelog provided by Motorola, the Oreo update will improve the camera performance as well as reduce the system files usage by 2GB. But, here comes the bummer. The company which used to provide security patches before Nexuses, now includes the December 2017 security patch in a February update.

Moving on, Motorola also listed a number of devices which will be updated to Android Oreo in the coming months. Yes, you heard it right, they did not mention the exact timeline. Here take a look at the list of Moto smartphones which are eligible for Android Oreo, sadly it also does not include E series and the new C series.

What do you think about Motorola now? Have they transformed a lot after new ownership? Comment your thoughts below.


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