Android’s tablet share Zooms to 39% During Holiday Season


Global tablet shipments reached 26.8 million units in the fourth quarter of 2011, a 150% increase from 10.7 million during the same period in 2010.

Sales of href=”” rel=”homepage” target=”_blank” title=”Android”>Android-based tablets more than tripled during the fourth quarter of 2011. But href=”” rel=”homepage” target=”_blank” title=”Apple”>Apple still dominates, even as its market share dropped, according to href=”” rel=”homepage” target=”_blank” title=”Strategy Analytics”>Strategy Analytics.

The numbers represent the great diversity of tablet computers now available, but there is still only one king in this castle. While the iPad saw a decline of roughly 10 percent, sales of the Apple device still took an overwhelming majority of the market with 57.6 percent. Total sales for the iPad in Q4 amounted to 15.4 million. 
Microsoft captured just 1.5% of the tablet market during the last three months of 2011. The upcoming release of href=”” rel=”homepage” target=”_blank” title=”Windows 8″>Windows 8 later this year can’t come quickly enough for Microsoft, allowing its hardware partners to start competing more effectively, according to Strategy Analytics.

A large boost came from strong holiday sales of the href=”” rel=”homepage” target=”_blank” title=”Kindle Fire”>Amazon Kindle Fire, the $200 media machine. If buzz surrounding the device has Apple sweating, they aren’t showing their hand. They have taken the stance that the iPad appeals to folks looking for a more powerful tablet and willing to spend the extra money to get it.


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