nexus 5 and motox

It seems Motorola is working on two devices as according to the new video posted by guys over TK Tech News. These are the same guys which couple of weeks ago posted a video of Moto X+1. Their latest video shows the mysterious Motorola device along with the Nexus 5.

By looking the video if you guys say that it is Moto X+1 then it’s not true. As per the rumors, Moto X+1 is going to be equipped with 5 Inch and also the device in the video appears to be bigger that 5 incher Nexus 5. So we can say that this is Another Motorola Device about which we haven’t heard.

Further this Another Motorola Device is running on Android L as per the video. As per the source they are going to receive the original device soon, so hopefully we will get more details about the device which is under curtains for now.

We Hope Motorola to launch its new devices soon as many fans are waiting for the them .Are you looking for Moto X+1?


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