Have a habit of keeping your phone somewhere and forgetting or forgetting to carry it? There’s no need to worry now as an a for Android Wear is now out which would cater to your needs.

The new app, named ‘Aware’ keeps a record of the connection between your Android Smartwatch and your Android Smartphone. The moment your phone is out of the Bluetooth range of your smartwatch , it will start weeping loudly much like a baby weeping when away from its mother.


All you have to do is install the Aware app on your Android watch from the Play Store and there you go. Every time your phone goes out of the Bluetooth range of your smartphone, the watch will vibrate three times and will then set off the weeping alarm. Once your phone is back in range, it will stop weeping and you can then clear the notification from your watch display.

The developers say they are working on a new feature which lets you sets off vibrations in your phone for times when it gets stuck under pillows or cushions and you can’t find it.


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