Apparatus is a very nice and beautiful App generally for people with good physics and clear concept of physics like inertia,gravity an all. Incredibly challenging, you need to have an acute eye for physics and engineering to do well, but it makes for a highly addictive and compulsive gameplay.  The graphics are almost real (truly speaking). It almost seems that the game is set in front of us in reality. Well the game is available in a free and paid version . The paid version is for $2.49.

Pros & Cons:


  • Immaculate graphics!
  • Challenging gameplay!
  • Load of levels!
  • Free play sandbox mode!
  • Lots of apparatus to use!


  • While you can switch the music off, it’s pretty horrific.


The Game is very innovative with more then 1 way to complete levels. the aim of the main levels is to get a marble into the blue bucket. Simple premise, but the position of the ball and basket is often far apart. We can set the Apparatus of the tools provided to us with no time limit and when we are done we can press Play button which  will bring the gravity in tact and will soon see if were successful or not.

The Game is Very tricky and indulging both to the same extent. One can really get addicted to this game when playing this remotely on android. The game is much similar to Chain reaction game for windows. in which we need to send a creature to a definite place by using fans and a lot of concepts including magnetism and inertia. Here we use very different techniques to get the levels completed !

Sandbox mode gives the game significant longevity. This, alongside a building challenge (allowing you to create a new level for others to try) and a forthcoming interactive challenge, gives you free reign of apparatus to create whole new levels of fiendishness! You are only limited by your imagination!

Get it on Google Play


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