Asus Zenwatch 2 Up On Amazon For $129.99


Everytime a new device comes out there’s great hype about it in the market. However, buying the latest device may not always be the best deal for you. We say so because as soon as a new device is released, its predecessor goes up with huge discounts. The same has happened with Asus Zenwatch. The Zenwatch 3 was announced recently at IFA and the Zenwatch 2 is now up on Amazon with a huge discount.


The Android Wear operated smartwatch is being offered at a discount of $70 from its original price of $199.99. This means you can now get your hands on the Zenwatch 2 for $129.99. To top it off, the smartwatch is being sold and shipped by Amazon itself. So you don’t have to worry about fraudulent products or damaged shipments. If that was not enough, you can get the watch shipped to you as early as tomorrow if you’re signed up with Amazon Prime. Could this deal have gotten any better?

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