ASUS Zenwatch 3 leaks in Hands-on Photos ahead of IFA 2016

Asus Zenwatch 3

Asus Zenwatch 3 again leaks in Hand-on photos ahead of the IFA 2016. Earlier a couple of days ago it was spotted on FCC filing with the logo which is posted on the back side of the smartwatch. Asus Zenwatch series is a very affordable device in comparison with other options available in the market. Earlier all the Generations of Zenwatch are having the rectangular or squarish design.

In this new leaks it is confirmed that Asus Zenwatch3 come in the round shape. In leaked photos the design of Zenwatch 3 looks like the Moto 360. However, coming to some of its specs which includes fast charging though, with 5V/2A charging revealed in the earlier leak. That also stated it will have Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi built into the device.

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The Zenwatch 3 case appears to be shiny black with gold trim with a satin sheen. The sections where the band attaches is brushed black. In these images the band is leather, but there will likely be other band options available as well. It is assumed that Asus will announce its zenwatch 3 in coming IFA 2016 at Berlin.

You can watch all the Hands-on photos of ASUS Zenwatch 3:


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