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Are you bored of the stock Android Apps? their visualizations and features? Then try some new and better UI apps that can help you to create good integration with your Android device. android apps alternates

There are many apps on our devices that comes preinstalled on our Smartphones like Calendar, Browser, Gmail, Gallery, Alarms, Typing, Book Reader and many other apps having the boring stuff on them with dried out UI. In order to make your device again a best one. You can try below mentioned apps to help yourself and your device to remain attached to one another.

Here we are listing out default apps and their alternates. So are you guys ready for best apps alternatives for stock Android apps?

Let’s Begin With

Video Calling or Chat

Well earlier there was no app for this functionality which comes pre installed onto your devices but these days Hangouts app is present always. If you getting bored of it then you can try:

Skype: Hangouts is a brilliant app for video chats and you can ask multiple people to join in, all for free. But Skype remains a solid alternative. Tablet users can take advantage of pictire-in-picture calling where video calls can still be seen even if you switch to another app. It also offers multi-user chats and it comes with instant messaging too.

Download: Skype



Stock Mail app and GMail apps both are used by many users but sometimes it feels little bored and out of order. So here’s an alternative you can try:

Cloud Magic: The flexibility of CloudMagic makes it a very useful free upgrade when compared to Gmail app alone. It is robust, allows for non-Google email providers such as Outlook, Yahoo and Exchange and Feels intuitive. With fast searching and integration with Evernote, Pocket , Mailchimp and more, its’s amazingly good.

Download: Cloud Magic


Better Calendar

Calendars apps for every device sucks when it comes to usability. Whether you’re using Samsung device, Sony or any other. You need a third party app for that. So here’s a best alternative of calendar app:

SolCalendar: Google Calendar is very functional and we love using it so finding something that betters it even with so much choice isn’t easy. SolCalendar grabs our attention because it is similar in many aspects to Google Calendar. It pulls in your events immediately and pretties them up with stickers and themes.

Download: SolCalendar



Again the same thing as that of calendar. If you’re using stock Android then you will get a Google CHrome other wise you’ll have to download another browser for the browsing purpose. Best ALternative for stock Browser Android app:

Mozilla Firefox: Before Chrome came along , Firefox was the desktop browser of choice and on Android it is equally head0-turning. It is lightning-fast, making mobile browsing even more pleasurable and you can keep your favourite sites to hand, needing only a quick swipe. With anti-tracking features, it is also secure.

Download: Mozilla Firefox



Gallery apps inmost of the devices are tidy and have no many features. here’s what we have in for you:

QuickPic: In combining the Gallery and the Photo app in to one, you can take advantage of QuickPic’s file management facilities, animated GIF and video features and enhanced scanning that can exclude certain folders to speed things up. There are some basic editing functions too.

Download: QuickPic

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