BlackBerry Out of Hardware Business; Now will Outsource for its own Phones


Blackberry has confirmed that they are going to end the Hardware Business. From, now on they will no longer build the hardware aka their own phones manufacturing will be outsourced to some other companies.

Blackberry DTEK 50 Front BackAt 3rd quarter financial release, Blackberry has stated that they are moving in right direction with the focus on software. They’re still operating at a net loss, but the arrow is trending upward.

After teasing that we may hear about their future device strategy today, they confirmed that they have no plans to make their own devices going forward.

Well, to let you remind Dtek 50 is not manufactured by Blackberry , TCL took the responsibility to develop it. So we might not be having problem with Blackberry not manufacturing its own hardware.

There’s no reason that Blackberry should manufacture its own devices. They are moving ahead without Hardware business, so where there is profit company will always go there.