Android’s relation with Malware is old and here comes another report which claims the same. As per the report from Check Point, a security firm, it is believed that Botnet Malware has infected Millions of devices via Play Store.

There are many unexplored points on Android through which several developers and hackers gain access to your content, exploit it and do the things whatever they can.

Talking about the new Botnet Malware, as per the report, the malware is injected via the “game guide” apps available on the Play Store. These kind of apps have devoted million of downloads. The firm has named it as “FalseGuide” which requests administrator access without the actual need. This unusualness allows it difficult for everyone to uninstall it.

Later, after installing it with a Firebase Cloud Messaging topic and receives additional modules to begin its work. Later it shows popup adds to accumulate some money for the developers. The use of Botnet can be worse, it can even turn down your device.

Currently, Google has removed all these kinds of apps  but there are some users who are still using it. It is a notice to those users to uninstall it by revoking the app’s administrator permissions. As a rough estimate, there are around 2 Million devices that have been infected by the Botnet Malware named “FalseGuide”.


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