Buy Now: New Amazon Echo and Echo Plus arrives in the US


Amazon Echo 2nd generation is ow up for sale on the Amazon US for purchase. USers can buy it in different 6 styles including fabrics, wood, etc. Amazon Echo 2nd generation was announced in the month of september. Total 4 different Echo devices are there and currently Echo and Echo Plus are on the sale at AMazon. You can directly buy it from the banners below.

buy amazon echo 2017

There are lots of new features, new speaker, new designs and many other updated specs. Now, it has Dolby processing for crisp vocals and dynamic bass response. Amazon Echo 2017 can fill the room with 360° omnidirectional audio. Hardware wise, there are many improvements like addition of seven microphones for better sound precision and AI.

Further, these many microphones allows to use beamforming technology, and noise cancellation. It can hears you from any direction—even while music playing.

The Echo Plus packs additional built-in smart home hub. You can connect any smart electric appliance to any of the Echo device.

Thera re total of five new products from Amazon but only have been made available. Namely all of them are Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo spot and Echo Show. Out of these, only new Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Plus are available for purchase. You can buy them from the banners below.


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