CEO of Niantic’s (Pokemon GO Creator) Twitter Account Hacked


Well, John Hanke has joined the list of some high profile persons who have got their social media account compromised. In latest, John Hanke, who is the CEO of the Niantic labs which created the Pokemon GO game.

john hanke niantic

OurMine, the Saudi collective that claimed responsibility for the previous social media hacks as well as taking down WikiLeaks a month back, has claimed the responsibility of this hack.

As per the news from OurMine, they gained access to the account due to a failure on behalf of Hanke to secure it with a difficult password. The hackers claim the password was “nopass,” a six letter attempt without numbers or special characters that would take hackers under a minute to brute force.

So guys, next time when you set password, do insert special character and any number. So that it could not be hacked easily.

How do you feel about these days hacking of high profile persons? Share your views via comments below.



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