How to change OnePlus 5 Font style and Font size


OnePlus the chinese smartphone maker has made a great name in the industry with it’s awesome features and quality. OnePlus launched about just in total 6 phones which have been better and fast every time. Today, Let’s see how to change OnePlus 5 font style in the guide below.

oneplus 5 review

The device OnePlus 5 which was launched last year was not only a good looking one but also with some powerful features and fast processor. When it comes to camera it will click some real awesome and clear pictures. For this the camera of OnePlus uses 2 lenses which actually differentiates between you and the environment. This means the device will focus on you more than the surroundings. And well the device also has 8GB RAM, enough to run about number of apps in the background. This enhances the speed of the device. We also have OnePlus 5 Soft Gold review, showcasing its full potential.

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Along with that wireless charging and Android Nougat 7.1.2 makes this device even more awesome. But nowadays along with these features we also love to design out smartphone with some pretty wallpapers, themes and font. These internal features give a daily new feel and refreshing feel about our device even if it is an year old.

Change OnePlus 5 font style

Here we will help you with how to change the OnePlus 5 font style as well as the size. And trust me it isn’t a difficult task.

  1. First step is that you need to simply click on the menu button and then directly go to settings.
  2. Once you enter the settings option, the next step is you need to go to the customisation. After the you will get the option of Fonts.

And if you are reading this you can follow the guide and do it now itself.

3. After you click on the font you will get couple of fonts to choose from:

  • Roboto
  • OnePlus Sans

You also have the option of selecting each of them and checking how will the font look. I know both of them are awesome ones. And we can’t select both of them so the best option is select the one you like the most.

And after sometime when you are bored of it, you can select the next one. Further, from Play Store you can change font from the set of apps which will help you change the font on OnePlus 5.

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Change OnePlus 5 Font Size

Well, apart from changing the font style, you also have the option to change the size of the font. You just need to check it under the Font options in the settings under display.

You can change the font size and even preview it so you will get an idea the one you want to prefer.

  • Head over to Settings
  • Open Display tab
  • Change the Font Size

And then you can select your favorite font style and even comment below and tell us which one is you liked the most. So others can try that and get a refreshing feeling.

If you want more customisation, you can flash custom ROM as we have picked some best custom Roms for OnePlus 5.

That’s it from the Guide to change OnePlus 5 Font.


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