Microsoft Cortana for Android has been now updated to support calling and texting via voice input. The feature comes packed under the latest version of the Cortana for Android. For the changelog of the update, see below.


  • Calling and texting is supported via Cortana voice input. Now complete these tasks without tapping on the screen.
  • Your email commitments are archived in one central place.

In fact, all most all current leaders in digital assistance such as Google Assistant, Siri, Bixby and so on support the calls and texts through voice commands much earlier. Though late, the Cortana is too totting this vital capability which is must as far as an assistant for a smartphone is in question.

It’s good to see Microsoft slowly rejuvenating the Cortana for Android Platform, rather than sitting idly watching the progress of the competitors. Though the assistant can’t hold a candle to the powerful Google Assistant which is present in almost all Android devices. The visualy appeaIing UI and the tech-savvy moniker “Cortana”, are what lures the users towards it.

The updated version  of Microsoft Cortana ought to be live on the Google Play Store for everyone. Hence, if the Cortana is available on your region and the device compatible then download it from the Play Store.


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