Cydia Substrate Hits Android Too !

By Umpreet Singh -

The App Home for jail broken iPhone and iPad, the Cydia Substrate has made a dashing entry to the Android platform.

cydia substrate

It just came in to Google play by the name Cydia Substrate, which basically allows you to modify other and older applications and core SDK. Though Android has an open source platform contradictory to the locked cage like iOS platform. so possibly android is not much in need for this application rather it has a very much good quantity of APK’s available for rooted Androids.

Jailbreaking an iPhone makes a lot more sense as customizing Apple’s OS is quite difficult and impossible task basically when talking about the lock screen and the home screen with changes in menu. Whereas on Android one can just do anything after root . even uninstall the basic launcher provided by the company also from 3rd party apps to specific screen launchers to personalized apps it is all possible  on android by now.

As detailed on the play store the Cydia substrate will work on android version 2.3 and more where it is merely a framework right now which has only one Winter Board application available which only allows people to edit the basic background and just the basic entities of android.

Also watch this video to see Cydia Substrate for Android in action.

Source: Cydia Substrate Play Store

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