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Android L was previewed by Google at its Developer Conference few days ago. Currently Google hasn’t officially launched the Android L. So there’s lot of fuzz about the Apps, Wallpapers, Fonts and many other things.

Heads Up Notification Heads Up Notification

Did you know what are Heads-Up-Notifications?It is new type of notifications system and is not only great for themers who like to hide the notification/status bar using 3rd party launchers, but also for times when your phone goes into full screen media mode (like watching a movie or playing a game). You can see the video below for better understanding of the Heads Up Notification App:

Currently this app is available only for Android devices runing on Android 4.3 or above versions. Additionally, there are many features in the app which are now coming in Android L.

You can downlaod this app straight from Play Store for a buck but if you want to try it than you can head over to XDA for free.


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