Play Music received an update pushing up its v8.0 to v8.5 today. There aren’t many significant changes with the new update but two of them are worthy of mention.


Top: Before update
Below: After update

We’ve had app shortcuts for a while now. But not all of them are very useful. However, Play Music has some good ones. If you have Android Oreo, Play Music adaptive icons were really small. Now, they are sized better in relation to the icon free space. Also, now there’s no round grey backdrop beneath the icons as opposed to earlier.

The second change is related to Android Wear. When Android Wear came to being, its apks were integrated into the smartphone apps itself. This continued till Wear 2.0, then they separated the Wear apks from the smartphone app. Now, they will be distributed on the Play Store. But recently, Google also allowed devs to separate Wear versions below 2.0.

Following that, Play Music has also lost separated its Android Wear companion. That makes it 2 MBs smaller than before.

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