Download: Pixel XL 2 Live Wallpapers App on your Android device


As we have seen the all new Google Pixel XL-2 came with some interesting Pixel XL 2 exclusive Live Wallpapers. We provided a link to download the Pixel-2 and Pixel XL-2 wallpapers and now we are here with the live wallpaper solution as well. The Live wallpapers seem intriguing, making many of us wanting them. Thanks to the Android developer Community, they made it possible for us.

The developers were able to to provide Pixel XL 2 exclusive Live Wallpapers to all the users with any Android device. The Pixel 2 Launcher works on other Android devices without any modifications. Although, swipe-for-Google-Feed functionality requires a bit of efforts, you have to install the launcher as a system application.

The Pixel 2 wallpapers on the other hand are crashing and are not working efficiently on other devices. Now, the developers made an effort for making it work on other devices as well.

The Indian developer Pranav Pandey, came up with his port and now it is downloadable for all the Android users. All you need to have is the Google Wallpapers app installed already (which includes new wallpapers too). Then, just sideload the modified pixel wallpapers 2017 from the source below and you should be able to access the wallpapers.

You can install the APK if you want to give it a try. To access them, long-press on your home screen, tap ‘Wallpapers’ and then scroll to the bottom of the list for the new ‘Live Wallpapers’ section.

The App should work on phones running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and higher.

Source: APK Mirror


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