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In past couple of weeks, Rootless launcher entered the Play Store but was pulled by Google, now again it’s back. It seems that Google has accepted the revaluation request from its developer but has ordered to withdraw the companion app download prompt. Actually, its a rule from Google that don’t allow the apps to download another app from unknown sources. Well, now its back with companion app on the Play Store.

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It’s a good news for everyone who was using the Rootless launcher on their device. Now, they will be able to get timely updates and can install directly from the Play Store. There’s only a minor change that Google directed to done. From know own, launcher will only prompt you when you will enable Feed in the launcher settings.

Rootless Launcher users the Rootless Pixel Bridge app to get most of teh features. Now, without it most of the features will be left usnubale. Let’s see how the developers will catch up this difference in the coming updates.

Features of Rootless Launcher update:

  • Remove Rootless Pixel Bridge installation code.
  • Replace icon with material design version (by @allstargaurav).
  • Show launch shortcut in other launchers and Play Store.
  • Specify tablets are supported in the manifest.

We suggest you to update the apps from teh Play Store source link below Alse, if you find any new feature in teh Rootless Launcher, then make sure let us know via the comments section below.


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