Download: Ultra High resolution OnePlus 5T stock wallpapers are here


By now, everybody knows that the OnePlus 5T is literally the OnePlus 5 plus the extra screen real estate. But what would the OnePlus 5T screen be without those eye-popping wallpapers? The phone was launched yesterday and the stock wallpaper has received all the media attention it can get. With leaks from prominent tipster Evan Blass also featuring the wallpaper, it’s natural to want one. The new stock wallpaper actually brings out the beauty of the AMOLED display. And it can also do the same to your screen display too.

Designer, Hampus Olsonn, man behind those HD stock wallpapers is giving those away free on his blog if you want them real bad. We’ll leave a link to those below where a zip file is present.

One thing to note though. They’re made for the tall 18:9 aspect ratio. So, you can use them on other similar screens. While they can be used on the 16:9 aspect ratio screens, they would get cut out. So, it’s ideal to use on so-called bezel-less displays.

Source: Hampus Olsson


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