[Download] WhatsApp Beta 2.17.375 brings notifications for your contacts on change of your number


WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application used around the world. It is widely considered due to the app’s availability across various platforms. Since the beginning, the company has being introducing new features and functionalities. Now, a major beta update hits for the WhatsApp application for Android. This update brings the version number to 2.17.375 .

There are two major changes which comes with this update. First, the app size is now reduced by 6.2 MB due to the removal of 20 libraries. Those 20 libraries were added in previous updates in addition to modification of 473 other files. Secondly, now WhatsApp can notify your contacts when you change your number. This is definitely a welcome addition to the millions of users.

When you change your number, you can also select the contacts who need to be notified, thus eliminating the unwanted ones. This feature feature will come in handy to those who change their contact numbers frequently. As of now, this is only available in beta version for the Android app. So, if you want to try it, hit the play store and apply for beta. Once, you are enrolled, update the app to try this new feature.

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