eBay has rolled out new version of Android and iOS app with design overhaul. eBay app for both the operating systems are available from their respective stores. You can find the download links from the source below.

ebay 4.0

The new 4.0 release is immediately a more user-friendly, image-centric design than previous iterations, making the app more like a browsable storefront than ever. Now eBay is consolidating its interface for users. Earlier, every operating system environment had different visuals of eBay.

In the update, eBay has provided everything that a seller needs, a buyer wants and users get. In this Version 4.0 update which is quite big update has opened a new window of things to the users and sellers. There’s something new for everyone using the eBay.


eBay has already rolled out update to beta testers a month ago and as per the company they have received quite good response from testers.

So are you ready now?



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