Having a fully automated house was a dream a few years back but now has become a reality. Now you can do your household chores without even lifting your finger. That means your commands do all the magic. In all, there are about 10,000 devices powered by Google and can be integrated within the Google Home app.

Google-HardwareIt means be it TV, speakers, lights, cameras or something else all have been turned into smart devices which can now be accessed with your voice commands. The best thing is you can even access the details of your home when you’re outside. The Google Home app helps you get all the details.

Also, other family members can have access to such a facility only when the Google Home app is installed over their devices, and you permit them.

Recently, Google has brought about some enhancements to its Google Home app. The redesigned app has many new bundles added over it. Also, Google is regularly adding new products. One of them is a Smart Light Starter Kit for those who are new to the smart lighting thing. The kit includes a Google Home Mini as well as C-life bulb from GE costing about $55. Apart from Google even security products from Nest, August etc are being added.

So now overall, Google is all ready to make the dream of Smart Home a reality with its app. And also the smart home products which can be integrated with its app.



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