Essential offers Friends And Family code worth $200 for early adopters

The code can be redeemed towards a new Essential Phone or Essential 360 Camera. Limited Period Offer.


Just a week ago, Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone incurred a hefty price drop of $200. Literally, making the net retail price to $499 from the initial launch price tag of $700. Though the price drop essentially grabbed more potential buyers, it was a hard hit for the early buyers of the phone with the full price. However, it seems Essential doesn’t want to dishearten the loyal early buyers. Since the company is now giving an opportunity for the $700 buyers to avail the $200 discount in the name of Friends And Family code.

The Friends And Family discount code is applicable only for those customers, who’d paid full-price($700) for an Essential Phone purchased(prior to October 22) from Essential, Sprint, Best Buy, or Amazon. Moreover, they’ll have to request for a code through the Essential official webpage before November 15th.

In the form provided on Essential website. A customer has to provide the details of previously purchased Essential Phone. Such as the unit’s unique IMEI number and the serial number. Most importantly, the form shoud be submitted before the deadline.

Use The Code For Purchase Of A Brand New Essential Phone For An Effective $300 Or a 360 Camera Module

Once the form is filled, submitted and accepted. The Essential team will lend a F&F code which can be seen under My Gift section.

The beauty here is, one can buy another Essential Phone for just $300 with the code. That is, $200 deducted from the current price of $500. In effect, making it to $300, which is half the full-price of the smartphone.

Or otherwise, a Modular 360ยบ Camera could be purchased if there is no plan for another Essential Phone.

It’s to be noted that, the code can be redeemed only in, and will be valid for only until December 15th, 2017.



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