Since launch, the Essential Phone was available only in an all black colour. Even though a white black colour variant had been teased, it has just made its way to shelves. When we talk about colour choices, it all comes down to personal preference. The black and white combination appeals to me personally a lot more than the all black one. It hides the smudges a lot better and is a bit more elegant than the full black variant.


The new white black colour still has a black at the front, the back is just white. The new colour comes with nothing more. The build materials too remain the same, i.e. ceramic and titanium. Somehow, I just don’t like that ugly notch on the handset.

If you want the phone right now, there is only one place you will get it, on Official website. Although the Andy Rubin startup will also sell the new colour on Amazon, Best Buy, and Sprint. These sites don’t show the right options right now, but we can wait till tomorrow when they might get updated. Notably, there are two more colours the Essential Phone will be seen in next. Those are the Stellar Gray, and Ocean Depths (just another word for Blue). We don’t know when these will be available.

Source: Essential (Facebook)


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