Facebook adds new features to keep your memories alive


Facebook, we all know is the best place to socialize, meet new people. But sometime back, Facebook added a new feature named “On This Day”. Well, this has been its most popular feature as per the metrics. And it’s planning to add some more features which are memory centric to your feed.

Now, you not even see the Facebook activity you were part of previously but from now on Facebook will also group your recent posts into monthly recap story. Also, you will be able to share it as like you share ‘On This Day’ lookback feature.

Another feature from Facebook that will be added to your feed is that the Social Media giant will now congratulate users when they make a significant number of friends. It will even ping you whenever your post gets lots of likes.

For now, these features are for you only, but Facebook says it will soon be shareable. Now users can also filter out their bad memories in their ‘On This Day’ feature. Users can block particular people as well as even dates so that those posts don’t come up. Facebook has also updated it’s algorithm in such a way that it will capture user’s reactions. So if a user gives a negative reaction or keywords, those will be analyzed and may determine what a user does not want to see.

As of now these features aren’t available but soon will be out to the users. We hope it is already on a rollout.


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