Facebook announces new Tools to protect users from Harassment


Today, internet safety is a very important phenomenon and it is a must need for the social media websites. And well, Facebook had been working on it. Facebook has received a lot many feedback regarding the security and especially from people who faced it.

Thus, in order to prevent harassment on Facebook and messenger Social media gaint has announced some new tools.

The new tools to protect users from harassment:

  1. One such tool that is now being used by Facebook is to curb the menace of fake accounts. Daily thousands of fake accounts are created and through the latest automated feature it will be able to block those accounts on the day itself of creation. Though if a blocked account registers for a new account then it won’t be caught. But overall this will help to curb the issue of harassers.
  2. Another interesting tool is ‘Ignoring messages‘. Now users can ignore messages from the sender they don’t want to talk to. This tool will transfer the messages to the filtered messages folder. And what you can do is check those messages even without the sender knowing that you have read it. Actually, sometimes when we block an user online can create ruckus in our life offline. In such a scenario the tool is pretty useful.

Use of these tools will not only help people but also Facebook to keep such elements out of the social community.



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