Facebook Messenger Instant Games

Facebook has introduces Instant Games to its Messenger App in US back in November 2016. Now the instant games are available globally, which includes games like Chess, Basketball, and Soccer, arcade games, etc.

Facebook Messenger Instant Games

In these instant games feature, Facebook includes advanced gameplay elements like turn based games, leaderboards and tournaments, and gamebots. However, you doesn’t need to download to play these games, instant games are in the form of HTML 5 in the FB messenger. One of the first games to take advantage of the update is Zynga’s Words With Friends. Moreover you can chat with your friends simultaneously. However, you will see a dedicated Games tab in Messenger is situated in the bottom bar.

As instant Games feature is live in US from last November 2016. Facebook claims that Instant Games were played 1.5 billion times in the past 90 days in its Developer conference held last month. Which means it is quite popular already. However, there are only 50 Games which are available to play on Facebook messenger.

To play games on FB Messenger go to the play store and download the latest version of the app.

Play Store Link


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