Facebook has earlier launched its Facebook Lite app in India so that the users can enjoy it even in the phase of poor internet connection. Hardly any internet connection is available that works super fine in almost every location of India. So to sought this issue up to an extent this Lite version has been developed. Now some fresh piece of information suggests that this Lite version of the app will now support Video Chats. This might be a pleasing announcement for some while for some it is a little confusing.

So the biggest question for us is that how the Facebook Lite will be able to deliver satisfactory video calls even on a moderate internet plan. As per Facebook, the Lite version can even work with 2G connection and we are eagerly waiting to test video calls on the same internet plan. This feature is already available for ages on the regular messenger app. We are kinda confused here that why Facebook has rolls out this feature to the Lite app, as after its addition it is no more a light and easy app.

One thing is yet to be tested that whether the video chat through this consumes fewer data compared to the regular app. If yes then it will make sense otherwise it is up to your choice that which app to use. The Facebook Lite app with Video Chat support is officially available on Play Store. So if you are a user who wants to enjoy all major function on an app that is low on memory then you can get it for Free. Below we have dropped a link from where you can get this application. If you are using the same then do let us know your feedback in the comment box below.


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