Facebook to soon Introduce a Reminder

The recent reports of websites trying to take control over the CPU to mine digital currency is trending. Apart from this a new malware to target Facebook messenger users is trending. What will this malware do, it will secretly take control over the account of the user and will mine Monero digital currency.

The malware is used for mining the digital currency is known as Digmine and discovered by a cybersecurity firm. The main aim of this malware is to target as many CPU’s to mine the digital currency.

Apart from using your Facebook account to mine the currency it can also hack your account that is a worry. According to the cybersecurity firm the malware is designed in a way to look like a video file. The malware spreads when it is used over the desktop version of Facebook messenger on Google Chrome.

Though if you by mistakenly open the file on your smartphone it won’t function, thus no harm, but yet risky.

Well, a piece of advice to not open any link sent to you even by your friends as it can be really harmful.


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