Facebook to soon Introduce a Reminder

YouTube has first introduced a feature called “Remind me to take a break” which take care of your precious time. A few days ago some leaked information was there according to which Instagram will soon be releasing a similar feature termed as the “User Insights”. Now it looks like the Facebook team is working to bring the identical service to their platform as well. So if you love being social then don’t forget to check out the in-depth information provided below.

Basically, all these features help you to remind that from how long you are using the service, they all work in a similar manner but have different names. This fresh service from Facebook will be called “Your Time”. This has been found after analyzing the code present in the Facebook Android application. It will allow you to monitor your time spent and will enable a user to set reminders. So that he/she won’t waste their precious time using the platform for a long time.

The feature will further show you the entire time you spent in last 7 days. Moreover, you will even be able to know the average time spent in one day as well. Whenever a user will reach the time limits he/she has set, the Facebook app will notify them through the notifications. According to us, it is a great feature to have on every Social platform. They attract a lot of users daily and after using these for more than an hour a user realizes that actually, they came here for something else. For more Android updates stay tuned to GoAndroid.


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