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It all started with Snapchat which revolutionized the stories that we love to post on almost every other social platform it is available now. However, it is Instagram which popularized the usage of stories than the original counterpart Snapchat. Further, the former’s parent social platform Facebook tried its dips on stories and as expected it did not go well. But, anyways they bring the story extension now to desktop to engage more users.

It was back in late March, 2017 when stories was first introduced in Facebook, but still it’s rarely used by billions of active users on the platform. Thus, to encourage more users to use this feature, Facebook now brings ability to edit and post stories from desktop itself.

To edit your story, first of all open the story and then click on the Edit Photo icon on the bottom right corner. Once you do that, the story editor will open. You can now add any new filter, text, stickers or even change the picture. In the same way, you can also upload new picture, i.e story from desktop itself which is however unnecessary if you ask any user on the platform. Anyways, Facebook doesn’t seem to give up on its stories integration though users aren’t interested.

Do you use Facebook stories and what are your thoughts on it? Do let us know in the comment section below.


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