Yesterday onwards, Google has started rolling out the final preview of the Android Oreo 8.1 to its eligible devices. In deed, it marks the second build prior to the consumer grade launch of Android 8.1 set to happen in December. The latest build will be hitting the Google devices enrolled  in the Android Beta Program.


The second Developer Preview carries the build 6.171019.012. As it should be, the update brings Android Go (light-weight Android OS for low-end devices) and a Neural Networks API to accelerate on-device machine intelligence. Also, fixes the problem encountered in Pixel Visual Core with the initial developer build.

What’s new

  • Near-final Android 8.1 system images for Pixel and Nexus devices
  • Official APIs (API level 27)
  • Latest optimizations and bug fixes
  • November 2017 security patch updates
  • Android Go and Neural Networks API

Other than the above cited changes, nothing new is known as of now. However, since it marks the near-final build, Google should have done major overhaul inside the core OS.

The lucky Google devices eligible for Oreo 8.1 preview are:  Pixel 2 and 2 XL, the Pixel 1 and 1 XL, the Pixel C tablet, and the Nexus 6P and 5X. Provided, the owners have enrolled for the same. If not, they can do it now by signing up here to get the latest developer preview image file within 24Hrs.




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