Florida Man Suffers Burns Due To Note7 Explosion, Samsung Faces Lawsuit

By Tejan -

As if Samsung was doing too well with the whole Note 7 recall issue, there has recently been another accident which will only add to Samsung’s woes. A Florida man has reportedly suffered from second-degree burns after his Note 7 exploded in his pocket.

Galaxy Note 7 with 6GB of RAM

Jonathan Strobel has filed a lawsuit against the Korean smartphone manufacturer which is the first so far in a series of Note7 explosions considering the fact that there have been 90 cases in the US alone. Jonathan reported that his Note7 exploded in his front right pocket, causing severe burns on his right thigh and also on his thumb as he attempted to remove the device from his pocket. This incident occurred on September 9th, a week before Samsung ordered for the global recall of all the devices.

Samsung can expect some more similar incidents in the future as only 15% of all the units sold in the US have been recalled so far.

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