Fortnite for Android

Recently some facts were there according to which the release date of Fortnite will be confirmed as 9th of August. The earlier revealed piece of information has suggested that both Galaxy Note 9 and Fortnite will be unveiled together. In case you guys don’t know Fortnite is one of the most popular game title available for the iOS platform. Fortnite is expected to go live soon for Android. Now some fresh details are there according to which Fortnite will not be made available through Play Store. So let’s find out how much reality is present in this headline.

This game is maintaining its position in headlines because of the profit-generating factor. The profit earned by the game is a day is around $2 Million per day which is exceptional. It has been developed by Epic games and as suggested by the latest information from xdadevelopers the brand might be planning to launch the game as a sideloaded app. It basically means that unlike other popular games Fortnite may not be made available through Google Play Store.

Google charges 30% fees through in-app billing for newly released titles. Maybe the brand has estimated risk involved, they are aware of the fact that the popularity of the game has reached an extreme level. So maybe they are confident because of the huge revenues they are earning and at the same time, it will help them save the fees charged by Google. According to us, there is a little risk involved as Play Store is one stop for existing to newbie Android device users for Apps and Games. For further information stay tuned to GoAndroid.


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