French privacy watchdog warn Whatsapp regarding the sharing of data with Facebook


The social messaging giant Whatsapp is going to be fined by French privacy watchdog. Well, the reason behind being that it can be fined is if Whatsapp does not comply the order regarding data sharing. And the data sharing is related to it’s parent company Facebook.

The French data protection authority had issued an order which Whatsapp needs to comply within a month. It is regarding increasing its focus on obtaining the consent of it’s users. And if Whatsapp does not follow the orders the it will be sanctioned.

The issue is that Whatsapp does not have the permission to share it’s data with Facebook. Last year Whatsapp had shared some data with Facebook and European privacy watchdog had warned it. It needs to take the consent of the users before it shares any data.

For now the authorities can sanction small amounts of fine. But next year the new Data Privacy law will increase it by around 4 times of it’s global turnover.

Thus, it becomes important for Whatsapp to start taking the consent before it shares any data. This can overall hamper the business of Whatsapp in EU. It needs to follow the law to protect itself from any sanction.


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